Instant money transfers

Reliable, cheap and fast transfer method

Instant money transfers
Instant money transfers
Instant money transfers
Золотая корона

Золотая корона

  • More than 58 thousand outlets in 52 countries of the world. Service members: over 330 banks, postal operators and large retail chains

  • Receiving a transfer to the card in the application or on the website. Receiving a transfer in cash at a closest outlet

  • Attractive rates from 0%

  • Unaddressed transfers. When sending money, it is enough to specify only the country and locality where you are sending the transfer, and the recipient chooses the most convenient outlet for him

Western Union

Western Union

  • More than 500,000 outlets in more than 200 countries

    The transfer can be received at any outlets of the "Western Union" system in the Recipient's country

  • Transfers can be sent in US dollars

  • Money can be received a few minutes after they are sent


– simple and reliable money transfer system between KICB offices in Kyrgyz Republic.

What are the advantages for use of the system?

  • You can transfer money to other branches and offices of our bank both from a settlement account and without account opening in the name of a receiver
  • KGS transfers 0,1% (min KGS 50)
  • USD transfers 0,5% (min USD 5)
  • Others currencies 0,1% (min EUR 2, RUR 40)
  • Speed of the transfer – up to 10 minutes
  • The transfer can be obtained in any branch of KICB branch network
  • The receiver bears no expenses
  • The operator of the system “MoneyStream” will fill in the application for sending/payment of the transfer
  • Wide range of transfer currency: KGS, USD, Euro, Rubles

The transfers are serviced in all KICB branches throughout the country.

A maximum amount for one transfer by MoneyStream system in breakdown by currencies, not including fee for transfer is:

  • KGS 1 000 000 (one million);
  • USD 10 000 (ten thousand);
  • Euro 10 000 (ten thousand);
  • RUB 800 000 (eight hundred).
The money transfers are served at all branches of KICB around the country