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Elcard Pay
Elcard Pay
Elcard Pay

Meet the payment by KICB ELCART cards through mobile phone!

Pay with your Android smartphone with one touch!

Now with ELCART cards issued by KICB you can pay contactlessly for goods and services through Android smartphone!

What is ELCART Pay?

ELCART Pay is a contactless payment made using your smartphone. You can pay for purchases at POS-terminals, where it is possible to accept contactless payments without presenting the card itself.

Payment through ELCART Pay with KICB ELCART cards has many advantages:

  • Fast and convenient payments: Using ELCART Pay, the customers of our bank can make payments with just one touch, without need to take out a physical card or enter data. This is convenient, especially in an active lifestyle, when time is of great value.
  • Protection and security: ELCART Pay in KICB/KICB Business mobile application uses many layers of protection and encryption to ensure the security of payments. To confirm transactions, you need to use a PIN code, Face ID, pattern or fingerprint, which makes this payment system reliable and secure.
  • Speed: Payment through ELCART Pay is instant, without the need to wait for confirmation or processing. This is especially useful in situations where you are in a queue or in a hurry.

Download KICB/KICB Business application and add KICB ELCART card to ELCART pay:

  1. Open KICB/KICB Business mobile application and select the ELCART card you want to add to the function;
  2. In the Card Settings, select the option "Elcard pay";
  3. Under the card, click "Enable contactless payment";
  4. SMS with code will be sent to the registered phone number, enter the code;
  5. Enable NFC transfer in the smartphone settings and make sure that in the phone settings in the section Contactless payment – KICB/KICB Business application is selected by default;
  6. Your card has been successfully added!

Pay for your purchases quickly, safely and with pleasure. KICB always strives to provide the most modern and convenient technologies so that the customers of the Bank can easily control their finances!

If you do not have KICB/KICB Business mobile application, you can download it in the App Store and Play Market.