Career at KICB

Career at KICB
Career at KICB
Career at KICB

Benefits of work in KICB

Our values

  • Honesty and openness. We are open, honest and adhere to business ethics in all our affairs, both inside and outside the Bank.
  • Teamwork. We bring people together by uniting them with our common enthusiasm towards our clients.
  • Continuous learning. We constantly invest resources in training of staff. The bank's own training center regularly conducts trainings and courses for the employees. Adaptation programs are provided for new employees, which help them to join the team, understand the mission and corporate culture of the Bank.
  • Continuous development and growth. Many employees started to work in KICB with no experience, so the Bank has internship and internship programs for students and graduates.


  • Conducting online training for employees
  • Conducting trainings and seminars for employees
  • Electronic courses without restrictions from any PC
  • Constantly updated electronic and paper library
  • Master classes and trainings from internal and external experts
  • Employee Leadership Program