Career at KICB

Career at KICB
Career at KICB
Career at KICB

Support of education is a priority in the corporate philosophy of KICB.

It was established in 2008.

  • Trainings for employees

  • Free trainings for the population

Seminar topics:

  • Rules for personal money management.

  • Buy our own property with a mortgage.

  • What you need to know to get a bank loan.

  • How to save time with mobile banking technologies (e-wallet, internet banking, etc.)

  • How to save up money for children's education and other purposes.

  • Mobile technologies for the older generation (how to make payments without leaving home, use a mobile phone, social networks, mail, etc.)

To have more information about the Training Center, please call:

Tel.: (0312) 902013

KICB Training Center

4th floor, Razzakov str. 32 (crossing Moskovskaya str.), Bishkek