KICB made its debut in the stock market back in 2013 and has since successfully issued 6 rounds of bonds.

What Are Bonds?

Bonds are debt securities that offer a lucrative alternative to traditional bank deposits. When you purchase bonds, you lend your money to the bank for a specified period, usually up to 3 years. On the maturity date, the bank will fully repay the amount you invested, and if necessary, even redeem your bonds before the scheduled maturity.

KICB's bonds are categorized in the higher listing category on the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange CJSC.

Interest Payments

Interest on KICB bonds is paid out every 3 months and can be received through:

  • Transfer to a bank card or current account opened with KICB or another bank
  • Deposit to the ELSOM electronic wallet
  • Crediting to a savings deposit opened with KICB

Importantly, income from KICB bonds is not subject to taxation.

Investors also have the flexibility to redeem their invested money before the scheduled maturity.

Convenience and Reliability

Investing in KICB bonds offers numerous conveniences:

  • No limits or restrictions on the amount of investment
  • You can start investing with as little as 1,000 KGS
  • Possibility to purchase additional bonds during their placement period
  • Option to sell a portion of your bonds before their scheduled maturity

Where Can You Buy Bonds?

You can purchase KICB bonds through:

  • Any branch of KICB
  • The underwriter - LLC Financial Company "SENTI"